Secret Knock Zine has always been a platform for sharing and we have always intended to be a physical zine as a nod to previous eras. Today, that is not ideal so we have turned our attention to online. We are urging people to follow the advice given by medical professionals, so we have created STAY HOME ZINE. Our objective is to create a place for Coventry Creatives to share the work they are currently creating whilst at home. Please feel free to submit anything such as paintings, drawings, photographs to poems and stories, everything is welcome! We will be publishing an online zine, free for everyone (just as our physical copies are), and will be promoting the work of creatives whose livelihoods might be negatively affected by the current situation. We are still planning to continue with regular publication of Secret Knock, however the nature of how we move forward for the next issue or so might change due to the fact that there will likely be fewer listings, and we are hoping to rethink our distribution model during the period of self-isolation.